Read What our Clients Say About Us

John Donohue, President & CEO

Arbella Insurance Group

Kathleen has worked with my executive leadership team for the last four years. She has helped our team recognize the importance not only of self-development but also the value of developing others. From the start, Kathleen embraced and understood the mission of our organization and demonstrated her commitment to our development efforts. She is straight forward, insightful, and provides practical advice on leadership and getting results. Kathleen’s efforts have helped us to identify the behaviors that make leaders at Arbella successful and helped us to reflect on our own strengths, opportunities, and limitations. As a result, we are a more effective leadership team today.”

Douglas J. McKeown, CEO, Chairman of the Board

Woodard & Curran

We have engaged Kathleen on a number of team building, leadership and visioning topics at all levels of our organization. She has a keen ability to translate complex issues into practical and relevant actions that my leadership team can implement to create real change. Her experience, communication style and confidence enables her to share her observations and recommendations in a way that people listen. She is a valued part of my leadership team who I trust at a very high level.”

Tim Arnold, President & CEO

Colonial Life

Kathleen has worked with our organization over the past 7 years and the positive impact she’s had can’t be overstated.  Kathleen has helped our field and home office leaders grow significantly in their leadership journeys with personalized coaching and development.  She has supported the senior leadership team in building a culture of inclusion, teamwork and impact.  Kathleen is an exceptional coach.  In each of our many leadership development initiatives led and facilitated by Kathleen, she is consistently mentioned by participants as the highlight of the experience.  I strongly recommend KDJ consulting for any organization looking to build leadership or team effectiveness and an impactful, inclusive and supportive culture"

Jan Hill, CEO

Hill Enterprises Inc.

Kathleen is a trusted resource whom we regularly turn to when we need help facilitating our leadership and teamwork development programs for customers like Microsoft worldwide. Not only is she knowledgeable in her field, she also possesses a great ability to immediately adapt her style and language to blend with a wide range of demanding clients. Her natural humor and quick mind make her a competent and entertaining business partner. She has assisted us with creative design solutions, coaching and development of our trainers and clients, and facilitation of challenging courseware. I recommend her without qualification.”

Andy Platz, CEO

Mead & Hunt

Kathleen and the KDJ team have been working with Mead & Hunt for over 11 years. They have been exceptional in developing our training programs,  providing leadership training at all levels,  assisting in developing our leadership selection processes and leadership transitions including our CEO and President roles. Kathleen has also managed numerous personal assessments on our teams and individuals and has provided personal leadership coaching. Her energy and commitment shows up in everything she has done for us"

Jeff Geiger, President

Bath Iron Works

It has been a pleasure working with Kathleen over the last several years. She has supported various levels of our organization with effective tools and counsel for individual personnel development, group and team dynamics improvement, and leadership transition planning. Kathleen has provided that support in a competent, personal, and effective manner which is evident in the positive adoption and effective implementation apparent in many areas of our organization.”

Jim Lomac, Founding Partner/VP

Management Research Group

Kathleen has held three roles during Management Research Group’s involvement with her: as an internal Director of Executive Development at UNUM; as an external OD Consultant and Executive Coach; and, as an adjunct facilitator of MRG licensing programs. Over the course of more than 20 years, I have found Kathleen to be a highly competent group facilitator, skillful coach, and an insightful consultant.”

Mike Fisher, Board Member

Merrick & Co.

Kathleen helped guide our CEO selection process over a period of about eight months. With her counsel, we used a logical, behavioral science based process that helped us ‘Get to Yes’ in a timely manner. Kathleen’s advice and guidance were both a significant value addition.”

Teri Lee, President

Teri Lee & Associates, Inc.

Kathleen has been a tremendous resource and colleague for my business! Her dedication to quality work, her expertise and her sense of humor have made our projects extremely successful and created a fun environment for collaboration with our clients. I’m looking forward to partnering more in the future with Kathleen!”